Tesla Power India introduces ReStore, a refurbished battery brand

Tesla Power India introduces ReStore, a refurbished battery brand

The company, Tesla Power India Private Limited, with its global headquarters located in Delaware, USA, and its headquarters in Gurgaon, India, has announced the launch of “ReStore,” India’s first refurbished battery brand that promotes self-reliance, skill development, and green technology.

The company claims that its Electro-Chemical Battery Enhancement Process (EBEP) has the potential to revolutionize the battery industry.

With more than 500 already up and running, the company plans to open 5000 “ReStore Battery Refurbishing Centers” in India by 2025. The company’s patented EBEP technology prolongs the life of lead-acid batteries of all kinds, including UPS VRLA and tall tubular inverter batteries, providing an affordable way to prolong battery life by one to two years through refurbishment.

The buyer will purchase the refurbished batteries under the “ReStore” brand for a price that is about half that of a new inverter battery, complete with a guarantee.

The CPCB has recognized battery refurbishing as an approved business activity, and the launch of this brand, ReStore, complies with the “Battery Waste Management Rules 2022.” This change in policy and rules will open up a new service industry, and it is anticipated that approximately 30,000 battery refurbishment centers will open up in India, providing employment opportunities for over one lac people.

Tesla Power India said today that every year in India, about 100 million old car batteries are thrown away and replaced, which costs the Indian economy about 4,000 billion rupees. They are trying to fix the problem of spending so much money on new batteries and the harm caused by throwing away old batteries in a way that’s bad for the environment. This effort also supports the Indian government’s plan to keep the environment safe and use resources wisely by managing battery waste better.

“ReStore is not just a refurbished battery brand; it’s also a solution for employment generation in a new battery service industry, which will contribute to a sustainable environment. By offering affordable refurbished batteries with performance warranty, we aim to not only redefine the market but also to train the micro and small entrepreneurs on our Electro-chemical battery enhancement process (EBEP technology) which has been proven as a game-changer, as we have already refurbished more than 3 Lac batteries using our proprietary technology.”

Kavinder Khurana, Managing Director of Tesla Power India said

The company is also trying to get partners to invest in this project. However, there’s a question about whether there will always be a need for fixing old car batteries. Experts in the industry say that most old batteries are already being recycled, and as power supplies get better and other options like Lithium Ion batteries become more popular, fewer people might need old batteries fixed.