Toyota Reveals Game-Changing Technology for Electric Car Evolution

Toyota Reveals Game-Changing Technology for Electric Car Evolution

Technical Workshop for Toyota

New technology from Toyota has the potential to revolutionize the auto industry. The business had previously hosted a briefing session called a “Toyota Technical Workshop” with the slogan “Let’s Change the Future of Cars” to make several new technological announcements that will promote its transition into a mobility company.

The direction of future production was revealed by Hiroki Nakajima, Executive VP and CTO of Toyota. Additionally, he discussed the various and unique technologies, including concepts that are now being developed and will aid in realizing the company’s objectives.

Both Mitsumasa Yamagata, the recently appointed president of the Hydrogen Factory, and Takero Kato, the president of the newly founded BEV Factory, addressed. They went into greater detail about their business plans for hydrogen and battery electric vehicles.

Concept for Toyota Mobility

The “Toyota Mobility Concept” was explained at the policy briefing session, and their methods were addressed. The three strategies of electrification, intelligence, and diversification are those that contain the key to its implementation.


They will continue to pursue a “multi-pathway approach” in the area of electrification, which includes the launch of the best powertrains for every location.


In the field of intelligence, they will also support programs to strengthen their ties to society, like Woven City, in addition to cars and services.


They will keep diversifying their business by extending their focus from “cars” to “society,” which will encompass everyone’s access to freedom of movement and a variety of energy sources.

Make the switch to advanced development fields

Since its founding in 2016, Toyota has actively invested in sectors that are focused on the future and shifted resources to Advanced Development fields in order to support these three strategies.

By March 2023, it had increased the overall amount while moving more than half of its R&D personnel and roughly half of its R&D expenditures to Advanced Development domains. Toyota wants to see this trend pick up speed in the future.

Triple Axes

Toyota wants to encourage the production of cars along three directions. The first would be to relentlessly pursue safety and security. Toyota will continue to improve Safety Sense and provide customers with secure technologies.

The second would be for everyone to participate in creating the future. Through initiatives like CJPT’s efforts to decarbonize the commercial sector, its relationship with the CP Group in Thailand, its participation in motorsports, etc., Toyota will connect with its colleagues around the world and create the future.

The third would be localization that is expedited. Toyota will speed up “development near its customers” at its research and development facilities all over the world as the needs of customers in each location would differ even more in the future.


Toyota has created a number of vehicles that are paving the way for the future and has successfully surmounted many challenging technological obstacles. They want to alter how cars operate in the future. By connecting automobiles to society and utilizing the power of technology to advance transportation.

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