Toyota showcases green vehicles at the India Sugar & Bio-Energy Conference

Toyota showcases green vehicles at the India Sugar & Bio-Energy Conference

On September 21 and 22, 2023, Delhi played host to the inaugural India Sugar & Bio-Energy Conference 2023 (ISBEC), where Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) displayed its electrified flex fuel vehicles. TKM displayed two of its cutting-edge green vehicle models during the conference, which was jointly organized by the Indian Sugar Mills Association (ISMA), the International Sugar Organization (ISO), and the Government of India. By this exhibit, Toyota emphasized the importance of biofuels in easing the transition away from the use of fossil fuels and fostering carbon neutrality.

Some 500 people attended the event, including dignitaries, industry professionals, owners of sugar mills, academics, business organizations, and government officials. The conference gave Indian and international thought leaders a forum to discuss their perspectives on the sugar economy and cutting-edge biofuels technology, boosting information sharing and future strategies in the sugar and bioenergy industries.

In order to promote the use of ethanol as a clean, domestic, renewable, and sustainable energy source for the Indian automobile sector, TKM and ISMA signed a Memorandum of Understanding in February of this year.

The goal of Toyota is to attain Net Zero Carbon in Manufacturing Operations by 2035 and Carbon Neutrality for the Life Cycle of a Vehicle by 2050. The company is actively pushing clean technologies that are specifically adapted to meet the needs of each market, taking into account elements like as the energy mix, consumer acceptance, the preparedness of the infrastructure, and national objectives.

TKM’s initiatives support India’s ambitions to achieve carbon neutrality by 2070 and “Atma Nirbhar” (self-reliance) in the energy sector by 2047. A prototype of the first BS 6 (Stage II) electrified flex fuel vehicle was unveiled by the business earlier this year. During the ISBEC, this prototype was on show with the Corolla Flex-Fuel Strong Hybrid Electric Vehicle made by Toyota-Brazil.

As a clean, renewable energy source, ethanol offers India a major opportunity to cut carbon emissions and move away from fossil fuels. It can also increase farmer incomes and generate employment, boosting the rural economy. In order to create economic value from garbage and agricultural residues like agricultural waste (parali) that would otherwise be burned, the government has also established second-generation technologies for ethanol production.

India has a lot of renewable energy resources, surplus sugar, food grains, and biomass, which opens up a lot of opportunities for the country to transition to a future with cleaner energy. The amount of gasoline used in vehicles can be significantly reduced by using ethanol made from sugarcane, cereal grains, and biomass.

After 2025, TKM intends to release Flex Fuel Vehicles that can operate on ethanol blends higher than 20% (E20). The problem of poorer fuel efficiency associated with ethanol can be solved by combining the electric powertrain with the flex fuel engine in Electrified Flex Fuel Vehicles, making them an effective and environmentally beneficial option.

The Indian Sugar Mills Association’s president, Mr. Aditya Jhunjhunwala, thanked Toyota Kirloskar Motor for supporting ISBEC 2023. In line with the goal of promoting ethanol, the rural economy, and eco-friendly transportation options in India, he emphasized Toyota’s dedication to sustainability and biofuels.

Mr. Aditya Jhunjhunwala, President of the Indian Sugar Mills Association, expressed gratitude to Toyota Kirloskar Motor for participating in ISBEC 2023. He highlighted Toyota’s commitment to sustainability and biofuels, aligning with the vision of promoting ethanol, rural economy, and eco-friendly transportation solutions in India.

Mr. Vikram Gulati, Country Head and Executive Vice President, Toyota Kirloskar Motor, emphasized Toyota’s commitment to promoting sustainable technological advancements in green mobility. He underlined the potential of ethanol as an indigenous and clean energy source to significantly reduce fossil fuel consumption and carbon emissions in India.

Stakeholders can discuss sustainability and the many uses of biofuels at the India Sugar & Bio-Energy Conference in 2023. Mr. Vikram Gulati served as a prominent speaker at a session on “Bioenergy Policy & Regulation Framework” as part of TKM’s active participation in the conference.

Toyota’s dedication to developing greener automotive technologies is in line with its goal of promoting the “Mass Happiness of All.”

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