TPEM aims to set up 10K+ Charging Stations by FY25 in Collaboration with Charge Point Operators

TPEM aims to set up 10K+ Charging Stations by FY25 in Collaboration with Charge Point Operators

Tata Passenger Electric Mobility agreed today with top charge point companies—Chargezone, Glida, Statiq, and Zeon—to make India’s charging stations better.

According to the press release, this MoU significantly expands upon each operator’s substantial current presence in the charging ecosystem as well as TPEM’s exclusive telemetry insights, which are the foundation for more than 1.15 lakh Tata EVs on Indian roads.

Leading CPOs in the nation, Chargezone, Glida (formerly known as Fortum Charge & Drive India), Statiq, and Zeon, together have a network of almost 2,000 charging points spread throughout important cities. With this partnership, the CPOs hope to add over 10,000 more charging points in the upcoming 12 to 15 months.

In addition, TPEM will collaborate with Chargezone, Glida, Statiq, and Zeon via this Memorandum of Understanding to investigate the potential launch of a smart payment gateway via co-branded RFID cards, thereby facilitating convenient payment for Tata EV users. Additionally, customers will be able to take advantage of loyalty programs offered by these CPOs and contact a dedicated customer care number if they require assistance.

“This collaboration will benefit from TPEM’s unparalleled EV usage insights, coupled with the CPOs’ innovative charging solutions and entrepreneurial spirit, and create 10,000+ additional charging points in the country by FY25.”

Balaje Rajan, Chief Strategy Officer, Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles Ltd., and Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Ltd., said

Expanding the charging infrastructure has been found to significantly improve the adoption of EVs, and global case studies continually illustrate how extensive and easily accessible charging infrastructure is an essential component of the EV ecosystem.

It is predicted that this novel and transparent partnership between major CPOs and TPEM will accelerate the nation’s charging infrastructure development, which will be crucial in promoting the wider use of electric vehicles.

Furthermore, an open partnership with BPCL intends to install 7,000 chargers within the upcoming year.