TPEM and JLR collaborate to develop the ‘Avinya’ series of electric vehicles

TPEM and JLR collaborate to develop the ‘Avinya’ series of electric vehicles

Tata Motors Limited (TML) has announced a strategic partnership between its two subsidiaries, Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Ltd (TPEM) and Jaguar Land Rover Plc (JLR), to develop TPEM’s ‘Avinya’ series of premium pure electric vehicles. The ‘Avinya’ series will use JLR’s Electrified Modular Architecture (EMA) platform, which JLR has licensed to TPEM along with its electrical architecture, electric drive unit, battery pack, and manufacturing expertise. JLR will also provide engineering services to TPEM for the first vehicle in the ‘Avinya’ series.

JLR’s EMA platform is a versatile and advanced platform that will power JLR’s upcoming mid-sized electric SUVs, which will be launched globally from 2025 onwards. The platform maximizes interior space, comfort, and electronic architecture and features state-of-the-art connectivity, software, and over-the-air capabilities. It also integrates a sophisticated propulsion system, with cutting-edge battery technology, management, and charging systems, to improve vehicle efficiency and range.

The ‘Avinya’ series, which was first revealed in 2022, aims to transform electric mobility by offering a superior in-cabin experience, enhanced connectivity, advanced driver-assistance systems, performance, refinement, and safety. The collaboration with JLR on the EMA platform will boost the global competitiveness and future-readiness of the ‘Avinya’ lineup.

Anand Kulkarni, Chief Product Officer and Head of HV Programs at TPEM, said, “Avinya stands for ‘Innovation’ and represents our vision for a new paradigm in personal mobility. Being built on an architecture that is equipped with the latest advances in new-age technology, software, and artificial intelligence, Avinya will spawn a new breed of world-class EVs, with global standards in efficiency and range.

We are delighted to collaborate on the EMA platform with JLR for actualizing this vision.” Advt Thomas Mueller, Executive Director of Product Engineering at JLR, said, “We are proud that JLR’s world-class engineering expertise, demonstrated by our EMA platform, will help accelerate TPEM’s electrification journey. This partnership is a further example of great collaboration within the Tata Group, to share value, knowledge and deliver synergies