Union Minister Nitin Gadkari Initiates India’s Premier All-Female E3W Rally in Nagpur

India is currently hosting its first all-women electric three-wheeler rally, which is making its way from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. This landmark event was inaugurated in Nagpur by Shri Nitin Gadkari, having already covered over 1,600 kilometers in just 12 days.

The event kicked off with a driver onboarding program for more than fifty women at Nagpur’s iconic Zero Mile Point. This initiative, spearheaded by ETO Motors, focuses on training women to operate electric three-wheelers, thereby providing them with opportunities for sustainable income.

The rally, known as ETOwali/SheAuto, has brought a wave of enthusiasm to Nagpur, promising to revolutionize the role of women drivers in the electric three-wheeler (e3W) domain and offering them substantial employment opportunities.

In an effort to support women drivers, ETO Motors has launched innovative schemes like DRIVE-TO-OWN and DRIVE-TO-RENT. These programs enlist women as driver partners, affording them perks such as free unlimited charging at specific EV stations, free vehicle maintenance, and insurance, courtesy of ETO Motors. After a 36-month collaboration, drivers can acquire ownership of their vehicle by settling a pre-agreed amount.

The ETOwali/#SheAuto rally is a pioneering all-women venture in India, showcasing an eight-member team covering 3,333 kilometers over 30 days in electric three-wheelers, alongside a motorcycle and an SUV. This initiative is supported by ETO Motors, SIDBI, Trinity Cleantech Pvt. Ltd., Saera KETO, and MOWO Social Initiatives, aiming to promote electric vehicles and highlight electric three-wheelers as viable options for women seeking sustainable earnings.

The rally collaborates with the State Transport and Women Welfare Ministries to hold workshops specifically designed for women interested in e3W driving as a career. These workshops aim to enlist over a thousand women, offering them training in e3W driving as a way to earn a living, thereby enhancing their awareness of electric vehicles and facilitating their growth as micro-entrepreneurs with flexible work schedules and improved earning prospects.

The vehicles used in the ETOwali/SheAuto rally, the Saera KETO Trilux Next e3Ws, are known for their durability and can travel up to 140 kilometers on a single charge. These vehicles, produced in collaboration between KETO Motors and Saera Electric, are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and provide top-notch safety and comfort for drivers and passengers alike.

Additionally, Trinity Cleantech Pvt. Ltd., a leading Charge Point Operator and part of the ETO Motors Group, is dedicated to enhancing the adoption of EVs. Through its #HarGharThunder campaign, the company is installing electric charge points in homes across rural and urban India, offering women the opportunity to become entrepreneurs within the EV ecosystem. Selected participants receive a complimentary Thunder Lite 3.3 KW AC Charger, thus integrating them into the EV community.

The ETOwali/SheAuto initiative receives backing from the Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) via its #ShEAuto program, which aims to strengthen the EV ecosystem by facilitating vehicle financing and improving charging infrastructure. SIDBI’s financing schemes include direct loans to MSMEs and EV ecosystem players for purchasing vehicles and developing charging solutions, as well as indirect lending to NBFCs that finance EVs, thereby promoting environmental consciousness and energy efficiency among women.