Uno Minda Sign TLA with StarCharge for EV Supply Equipments

Uno Minda Limited is excited to announce its collaboration with Starcharge Energy Pte. Ltd. (StarCharge) through a Technical Licence agreement (TLA). This partnership will see Uno Minda venturing into the production and distribution of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) across India.

Focused on enhancing the electric vehicle charging infrastructure, the EVSE offered includes wall-mounted AC chargers, perfect for home use. These chargers, often bundled with electric vehicles by manufacturers, aim to simplify the charging process for vehicle owners at home, reinforcing Uno Minda’s commitment to enriching its electric vehicle product offerings in the passenger vehicle segment.

StarCharge stands as a leading entity in the realm of electric vehicle charging solutions and microgrid technologies, marking its presence in 67 countries and regions. It boasts manufacturing units in the USA, Vietnam, and China. With a robust installation base of millions of electric vehicle charging stations globally, StarCharge leads in delivering innovative charging technologies suited for a variety of needs, from residential to commercial and electric fleet applications. The company is a preferred partner for over 60 prominent OEMs and several reputed energy firms worldwide.

With the rising demand for electric vehicles, the necessity for effective and reliable charging solutions is more critical than ever. The limited availability of public charging stations currently acts as a barrier to the adoption of electric vehicles. Issues like cost, charging speed, and long wait times at public stations are among the top concerns.

However, the International Energy Agency notes that the majority of EV charging globally is done at home or workplace, not at public stations. Through its alliance with Starcharge, Uno Minda aims to transform home charging facilities, promoting quicker and more eco-friendly vehicle adoption in India.

“Uno Minda is proud to announce the expansion of its electric vehicle (EV) portfolio into the passenger car segment through this strategic partnership with StarCharge, a global leader in EV charging solutions. For decades, Uno Minda has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of emerging automotive technologies and a commitment to their successful localization in India. This collaboration further strengthens our dedication to ‘Make in India’ and to accelerating the nation’s transition to a sustainable and electrified future.”

Nirmal K. Minda, the Chairman and Managing Director of Uno Minda Group, expressed his enthusiasm about the venture, stating.

“We are pleased to partner with Uno Minda to pursue EV charging systems and solutions opportunities in India. We are optimistic about the outlook for EV adoption in India and believe there will be tremendous opportunities for home charging solutions. As a leading global player in the EV charging space, with extensive capabilities across the entire value chain, we are confident in our ability to combine our expertise with Uno Minda’s to develop cost-competitive and user-friendly solutions for the Indian electric vehicle market.”

Echoing the sentiment, Shao Danwei, Chairlady of StarCharge, remarked.