US Ambassador Eric Garcetti: Electric buses are the key to a livable future for the planet

US Ambassador Eric Garcetti: Electric buses are the key to a livable future for the planet

US Ambassador to India, Eric Garcetti, believes electric buses can make the world better and help keep our planet safe. He rode an Indian electric bus to a meeting about increasing the use of these buses in India. He said it was fun to ride the bus, and such buses are quiet, clean, and good for the environment.

“It is one of the reasons the United States government is working with our friends in the Government of India to get more electric buses on the streets of Indian cities. So, we have launched an initiative to have 10,000 electric buses on Indian streets,” he said.

To realize a collaborative vision initially declared during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s formal state visit to the White House, the US, and India have established a mechanism that would enable the deployment of 10,000 made-in-India electric buses in cities all across the nation.

“Every day we see the impact of the climate crisis at a global level. We must respond now or jeopardize the future of our planet and our people. The partnership announced today will mobilize financing for a fleet of 10,000 electric buses throughout India, expanding options for electric public transportation in India, creating cleaner cities and healthier communities,” the ambassador said.

The ambassador rode in an electric bus operated by the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC), according to Minister of Transport for Delhi Kailash Gahlot.

“‘Electric buses can change the world!’ – Perfectly put by USAmbIndia, Eric Garcetti after taking a ride in our zero-noise, zero-emission, 100% electric bus. Glad that Delhi, under CM Arvind Kejriwal, is leading the way in the fight for a more livable, greener, shared future!” Gahlot said in a post on X.

“Thank you for your DTC bus experience and your support of our unwavering commitment to green and sustainable transportation. Delhi’s electric buses are more than just vehicles; they’re a step towards a cleaner, quieter, and greener future,” he said in a post on X.

The PM e-Bus Sewa scheme, which aims to purchase 10,000 electric buses for cities without adequate public transportation, will receive a boost thanks to India and the United States joint support for a payment security mechanism for expanding electric mobility in India, according to a joint statement released earlier this month.

According to a statement about their meeting, US President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Modi discussed the need to “decarbonize the transport sector.” 

Before the opening of the G20 Leaders’ Conference, Modi and Biden had a meeting at the prime minister’s house.

The goal of India’s National Electric Bus Programme (NEBP), which was introduced in June of last year, is to gradually deploy 50,000 new electric buses around the nation by the year 2027.

“This new initiative between the governments of India and the United States shows how public and private partners can work together to lower emissions and promote electric mobility. Through this new partnership, the US government, including the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and the office of the US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, will partner with public and private-sector entities to accelerate electric bus financing,” a statement by the US Embassy in New Delhi said.

“A key component of this project will be a new payment security mechanism (PSM) that will accelerate new and more sustainable investments by lowering financial risks. By mitigating risk for lenders, the PSM leads to improved loan terms and reduced financing costs, facilitating smoother project implementation. Ultimately, this partnership sets a new model for international cooperation in the field of electric mobility,” it added.

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