Uttar Pradesh Records 18% Increase in Electric Vehicle Sales, Spearheading India's EV Revolution in 2023

Uttar Pradesh Records 18% Increase in Electric Vehicle Sales, Spearheading India’s EV Revolution in 2023

In 2023, Uttar Pradesh (UP) in India made significant strides in the world of electric vehicles (EVs), becoming a leader in this area. The state’s success in selling hybrid and electric vehicles is largely due to the UP Electric Vehicle Manufacturing and Mobility Policy introduced in 2022. According to the Vahan Dashboard and reports by WRI India, there was a big increase in the number of electric vehicles, especially two and three-wheelers. UP played a major role in India’s EV market, with 18% of the country’s total EV sales coming from the state.

The growth in UP’s EV market was remarkable in 2023. There was a 70% increase in the registration of electric vehicles compared to the previous year. In December alone, 11.7% of all vehicles sold in UP were electric, meaning one out of every ten vehicles sold was an EV.

In total, 2,77,837 electric vehicles were sold in UP in 2023. This included 2,32,601 E-3 wheelers, 40,268 E-2 wheelers, 4,846 E-4 wheelers, and 50 electric buses. Looking at the market share of EVs in UP for 2023, e-rickshaws were the most popular, making up 81.62% of the market. This was followed by E-2 wheelers at 16.05%, E-4 wheelers at 1.93%, and Cargo 3-wheelers at 0.36%. Other types of electric vehicles made up a small portion of the market at 0.04%.

Despite this growth, electric vehicles only made up 8% of total vehicle sales in UP. However, the state’s contribution to India’s overall EV market was significant, with an 18% share. The increase in EV adoption in UP reflects a larger trend. The state saw a 70% rise in EV registrations in 2023 compared to 2022, when the total EV sales were 1,62,864 units. December 2023 was a landmark month with the highest monthly EV sales ever recorded in the state. This achievement highlights UP’s commitment to sustainable transportation and establishes it as a leader in the EV movement in India. As UP continues to lead the way, its success could be a model for other regions looking to promote electric mobility.