Volvo Cars Introduces EM90, a New Premium Electric MPV, Expanding Its Vehicle Range

Volvo Cars Introduces EM90, a New Premium Electric MPV, Expanding Its Vehicle Range

Delhi, New: The Volvo EM90 is a brand-new completely electric premium multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) that is intended to serve as both a roomy and comfortable mobile living room for families and friends. According to the firm, it’s a vehicle that fulfils even more consumer demands and expands the attractiveness of Volvo Cars. Volvo Var’s ability to innovate and satisfy particular market demands is demonstrated with the EM90. 

In recent years, the multipurpose vehicle market has grown significantly in popularity, particularly in Asia. The business stated in a press statement that this is one of the primary reasons the EM90 is making its debut in China, the largest auto market in the world.

Subsequent to the introduction of the highly acclaimed and all-electric EX30 compact SUV earlier in the year, the EM90 signifies the second rapid model portfolio growth for Volvo.

 “Both the EX30 and EM90 will help us to reach new audiences, cover more of the global automotive market and realise more profitable volume. The EM90 also reinforces our commitment to be a fully electric car maker by 2030. In coming years we’ll roll out a whole family of new, fully electric Volvo cars, delivering on everything our customers expect from a Volvo with zero tailpipe emissions,” the release said.

“With the EM90, we’re taking Volvo Cars’ heritage and leadership in safety into the exciting new electric MPV segment. It allows us to tap new market demand we’ve not explored before and broadens the appeal of the Volvo brand to more people,” Jim Rowan, chief executive at Volvo Cars, said.

A rich legacy of adaptability 

Although Volvo is new to the MPV market, the idea of adaptability is not at all foreign to it. Long before the MPV market was ever officially established, the 1953 Volvo Duett was designed with versatility and spaciousness in mind. 

The Duett, a highlight of its illustrious history that this year marks its 70th birthday, continues to be one of the most sought-after Volvo models among enthusiasts and collectors. According to the announcement, it was well-liked by American and Scandinavian business owners as well as families.

In subsequent years, the Duett was a significant source of inspiration for Volvo’s globally renowned lineup of estate cars, as well as playing a crucial role in influencing the EM90, according to the release.

Content Credit: ET Auto