Wardwizard reveals 6 conceptual electric vehicle models at the 10th Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit

Wardwizard Innovations & Mobility Ltd., a leading electric vehicle maker in India, is boosting the electric vehicle (EV) market. At the 10th Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit, they displayed new designs for electric bikes called “Joy e-bike” and electric commercial vehicles named “Joy e-rik”.

The company aims to add more EV models with new technology and creative ideas. They showed off designs for two fast electric scooters and four electric commercial vehicles, including a 6-seater golf cart, a garbage truck, an e-cart, and an e-loader.

The event got even more exciting when they revealed a new hydrogen fuel cell and electrolyzer technology. They also presented a prototype of a hydrogen fuel cell-powered scooter. This shows Wardwizard’s dedication to developing hydrogen technology, which could change how we think about clean and efficient transportation in India and around the world.

Though still in the research and development phase, the hydrogen-based fuel cell concept represents a significant advancement toward meeting the demands of the next generation of users. Once the technology is fully developed, it will be applied to a variety of segments, including utility vehicles. This project is a joint venture with Triton EV, signifying a shared commitment to pushing the frontiers of innovation in the electric vehicle industry.

“We are grateful to the Government of Gujarat for presenting us with the opportunity to showcase our vision in furthering sustainable mobility in the country and thereby strengthening India’s role as a global leader in the space. With initiatives like Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit, the State Government is leading the transformation in sustainable mobility in India. Joy e-bike is keenly committed to providing safe and convenient electric mobility solutions, making EVs accessible for everyone. In coming years, EVs will become a necessity rather than an option. Innovation is our biggest strength, and as these EVs enter production, we believe that these concept EVs will revolutionize the segment. We are confident that these models will help in fulfilling customer demand along with giving them superlative experience of comfort and safe mobility. It gives us immense pleasure in introducing the concept of hydrogen-based fuel cell technology that showcases our R&D capabilities and commitment to a sustainable world.”

Speaking at the Summit and outlining company’s future plans, Mr. Yatin Gupte, Chairman & Managing Director, Wardwizard Innovations & Mobility Ltd, said.

Notably, the company recently partnered with A&S Power to further develop Next-Generation Li-ion Cell technology and expand the production of GAJA Cells; these technological innovations will be presented at the summit along with other ideas. By the recently signed INR 2000 crore Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Government of Gujarat, Wardwizard made significant investments in several vital areas, including intensive research and development of electric two and three-wheelers, the establishment of a motor assembly at the facility in Vadodara, Li-ion Cell production, and the development of ancillaries for raw material manufacturing. This initiative was expected to create over 5,000 jobs in the state.