Xero EV Collaborates with VoltUp to Provide Battery-Swapping Solutions for Last-Mile Deliveries

Xero EV Collaborates with VoltUp to Provide Battery-Swapping Solutions for Last-Mile Deliveries

Electric bike maker Xero EV is working with VoltUp, a company that provides battery-swapping technology, to improve delivery services. Xero EV plans to use 15,000 electric bikes for deliveries in the next two years. These bikes will be able to use VoltUp’s battery-swapping stations in 12 cities.

This partnership is expected to make delivery services in these cities much better, starting with the Mink electric scooter and then including other Xero EV bikes.

Xero EV says that with this partnership, delivery people can change their bike batteries in less than a minute, making their work more efficient.

Bharat Pritmani, who helped start Xero EV, said this partnership meets the needs of delivery services very well by combining Xero’s energy-saving bikes with VoltUp’s battery-swapping network.

Ritesh Singh, who leads Business & Strategy at VoltUp, pointed out that this partnership will reduce costs for riders and open up new opportunities in the electric bike field.

It is anticipated that the combination of the VoltUp platform with the Mink model from Xero EV will drastically cut down on charging times, maximizing riders’ time on the road and doing away with the waiting periods connected with conventional charging stations.

About Xero EV

Xero EV is an electric two-wheeler manufacturer that focuses on last-mile delivery solutions. It has partnered with VoltUp, a battery-swapping technology provider, to offer electric scooters with swappable batteries. Xero EV aims to produce 15,000 electric scooters by 2025.

About VoltUp

VoltUp is a company that provides solutions for the charging and management of electric vehicles, especially two-wheelers and three-wheelers. It offers a battery-swapping platform that allows users to replace their depleted batteries with fully charged ones in minutes. VoltUp also produces smart and efficient lithium-ion batteries that are compatible with various e-vehicles. VoltUp aims to enable a smooth and sustainable transition to an electric future