Yulu Launches Franchise Model for Shared Mobility in Indore

In collaboration with Yuva Mobility, a city-based company controlled by Tarun and Shivani Sharma, Yulu has begun offering its services in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Yuva Mobility will autonomously operate Yulu’s EV throughout Indore with infrastructural and technological support from Yulu.

To democratize shared mobility in India, Yulu is taking a new approach with this franchise partner-led strategy. Through its Yulu Business Partner (YBP) approach, the company is actively interacting with entrepreneurs and businesses in order to provide partner-led services to more areas of the nation.

After several months of cooperation, Yuva’s activities in Indore have begun, bringing together Yuva’s operational expertise and local market knowledge with Yulu’s hardware, technology, and brand promise. Yuva will be able to build a profitable e-mobility business that satisfies the demand for EV services from students, professionals, leisure riders, and tourists, while Yulu will be able to swiftly expand its mobility platform to a new audience.

“We are delighted to flag off Yulu’s first YBP partnership in India’s cleanest city. With YBP, Yulu aims to accelerate the country’s EV transition by tapping into the entrepreneurial energy of founders who want to leave a lasting impact on their local mobility landscape. And we could not have asked for better business partners than Yuva Mobility’s Tarun Sharma and Shivani Sharma, who are dedicated and visionary founders with a hunger to kickstart a sustainable mobility revolution in Indore.”

Amit Gupta, co-founder & CEO of Yulu, said.

As part of the collaboration, Yulu has given Yuva access to its AI- and IoT-enabled mobility-tech platform as well as electric cars. Additionally, it has supplied swappable electric vehicle batteries and charging systems via Yuma, a Yulu affiliate that offers battery-as-a-service (BaaS). Additionally, Yulu has given Yuva the workforce training and onboarding assistance it needs to run its daily operations on its own.

“Yuva is excited to roll out a world-class, technology-led EV mobility solution for users in Indore with Yulu’s support. Our services deeply resonate with Indore’s spirit of progressiveness, its openness to change, and its willingness to embrace technology-based solutions ahead of others in every sphere. We aspire to make Yulu a neighbourhood EV that lets people navigate the city’s bustling markets, cultural attractions, and food experiences along with their loved ones.”

Tarun Sharma, co-founder of Yuva Mobility, said.

Content Credit: EV Mechanica