Zoomcar and ACKO Drive Join Forces to Empower Hosts in Growing Their Vehicle Fleet

Zoomcar Holdings, Inc., a prominent facilitator of self-driven car sharing, has forged a strategic alliance with ACKO Drive, a subsidiary of ACKO dedicated to car procurement, to bolster the offerings available to local Zoomcar Hosts.

Through this collaboration, ACKO Drive is extending exclusive benefits to Zoomcar Hosts, including savings of up to INR 85,000 on new car purchases, along with attractive financing packages featuring instant loan approval and express car delivery. The primary objective of this partnership is to empower Hosts to diversify their vehicle fleet, thereby expanding their business reach and enhancing their earning potential, according to company statements.

Zoomcar Hosts, who collectively generated approximately USD 4 million in revenue in Q3 2023, are keen on establishing car hosting as a popular alternative to traditional car rental services. ACKO Drive, renowned for its online car purchasing platform, simplifies the entire buying process for customers, allowing them to compare models, select financing options, purchase insurance, and access after-sales services seamlessly through a single platform.

By joining forces, ACKO Drive aims to facilitate easier access to exclusive offers for Zoomcar Hosts, enabling them to further augment their income from car sharing. This partnership presents a significant opportunity for both existing and new Hosts to enhance and expand their business operations, catering to evolving consumer preferences with a diverse range of newer car models.

Existing Zoomcar Hosts can effortlessly upgrade their vehicle lineup to meet the growing demand for a variety of vehicle choices. Embracing newer models enables Hosts to enhance their competitiveness and tap into the increased earning potential associated with modern and attractive vehicles.

Greg Moran, CEO and Co-founder of Zoomcar, underscored the company’s commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences by offering a wider array of car options for an unparalleled self-drive experience. Moran articulated Zoomcar’s ambition to significantly expand the car-sharing market, urging more Hosts to join and flourish on the platform. He emphasized the significance of the collaboration with ACKO Drive in enhancing affordability and providing a broader range of options for users.

Nitin Chadha, Senior Vice President of ACKO Drive, highlighted the evolving travel preferences of Indians and the pivotal role played by Zoomcar Hosts in satisfying individuals’ appetite for unique experiences. Chadha emphasized ACKO Drive’s expertise in facilitating the online car buying journey and expressed confidence that the partnership with Zoomcar would enable customers to maximize the utility of their owned cars by hosting them on the platform. He reiterated ACKO Drive’s commitment to offering comprehensive support throughout the car-buying journey, including flexible financing options and suitable insurance solutions.