Log9 and BluWheelz Join Forces for a Sustainable Logistics Revolution

Log9 and BluWheelz Join Forces for a Sustainable Logistics Revolution

Log9 and BluWheelz are teaming up to change how things are moved from place to place. They want to make sure it’s done in a way that’s good for the environment. BluWheelz is a company that uses technology to move things like packages and food using electric vehicles. They focus on the start, middle, and end parts of the delivery process.

At the same time, Log9 is known for finding ways to use clean energy. They’re excited about their first set of two-wheeled vehicles in North India, thanks to their teamwork with BluWheelz.

Mr. Kartik Hajela, who helps run Log9, is really happy to work with BluWheelz. He talks about Log9’s speedy vehicles, like bikes, three-wheelers, and cars that charge up fast. They’re also offering rentals, places to charge, and great customer service. Together, Log9 and BluWheelz want to make moving things with electricity the new normal.

This teamwork is just the beginning. BluWheelz has big plans, aiming to have 5000 bikes, 1000 three-wheelers, and 500 cars on the roads. This shows how serious they are about making this partnership a big success.

Mr. Chanpreet Singh Sethi, who helps run BluWheelz, is really happy about teaming up with Log9, a company that’s great at making advanced batteries. They want to use Log9’s super cool batteries and tech to make bikes and cars in India go. BluWheelz is all about electric vehicles that you can use as a service. They really care about making travel better for the environment and giving their partners and customers the power to do the same. This partnership shows how they’re working together to make India cleaner and more eco-friendly.