TVS Launches India’s First Electric Motorcycle Racing Championship

TVS Launches India's First Electric Motorcycle Racing Championship

TVS Launches India’s First Electric Motorcycle Racing Championship

On September 29, 2023, the fourth round of the INMRC will mark the debut of TVS Racing’s Electric One Make Championship (e-OMC). On the brand-new TVS Apache RTE (Racing Throttle Electric) race motorcycles, 8 riders that TVS Racing personally selected will compete.

Today, the TVS Motor Company firm announces the beginning of India’s first-ever electric two-wheeler racing championship, marking a historic moment in the company’s commitment to sustainable mobility solutions. As the first Indian manufacturer to enter the world of EV moto racing, this innovative project marks a significant advancement in motorsports and underscores TVS Motor Company’s dedication to sustainable mobility solutions.

TVS Motor Company has made a bold move with the launch of the TVS Racing Electric One Make Championship (e-OMC), an exclusive format for racing on the electric TVS Apache RTE race motorcycles that have been developed exclusively for the championship. This decision coincides with a growing uptick in the adoption of EVs globally. 

With TVS Racing, which has a long racing history spanning more than four decades, TVS Motor Corporation has been at the forefront of redefining mobility through innovation and sustainable solutions for a cleaner future.

Mr Sudarshan Venu, Managing Director, of TVS Motor Company said, “TVS Motor has been championing racing ever since we started India’s first factory racing team. TVS Racing has been instrumental in making motorsports aspirational yet accessible for enthusiasts across the country. Many of the technologies that we pioneered in our racing machines have made way to our production vehicles, giving shape to our ‘track to road’ philosophy.

In line with our vision of providing exciting and sustainable mobility solutions, we are thrilled to announce the debut of India’s first-ever EV two-wheeler racing. TVS Racing e-OMC will not only set new benchmarks in the racing segment but also demonstrate the potential of electric vehicles in delivering high-octane and thrilling racing experiences for the world to witness.” Vimal Sumbly, Head Business

Premium, TVS Motor Company said, “TVS Racing takes great pride in being the propagators of offering a platform for racers to hone and showcase their skills and following their passion for racing. We have been the frontrunners in the segment, whether it was pioneering the TVS OMC in India in 1994, and expanding it in women’s and rookie class, or being the first Indian manufacturer to foray with the Asia One Make Championship or participate in the Dakar Rally. With the TVS Racing e-OMC, we take a monumental step into redefining the future of racing.” 

Key highlights of the championship:

1. The TVS Racing e-OMC is India’s first electric two-wheeler racing championship, which will start in the 4th round of INMRC

2. Eight selected riders will compete on the TVS Apache RTE race motorcycles, which are designed exclusively for this event

The TVS Apache RTE race motorcycles have the following features and specifications:

1. Liquid-cooled motor and motor controller with high power-to-weight ratio

2. Power cells battery pack with advanced chemistry and carbon fibre case

3. Custom-built advanced Battery Management System with race special algorithms and safety features

4. Single reduction, motor spindle connected to the rear wheel through sprockets and roller chain

5. Ohlins bespoke front and rear suspension and Brembo brake system

6. Carbon fiber front and rear wheels and fairing with a low drag coefficient

7. Unique livery with TVS Racing Factory colors and sustainability-inspired graphics

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