CSIR-CMERI launches CSIR PRIMA ET11, a compact and eco-friendly tractor

CSIR-CMERI launches CSIR PRIMA ET11, a compact and eco-friendly tractor

Tractors play a crucial role in modernizing farming, which is the primary livelihood for about 55% of India’s people. Farming feeds 1.3 billion citizens and contributes significantly to the country’s economy. Over the past few decades, India’s tractor industry has made significant strides in technology and production capacity.

Tractors of various ranges and capacities have been designed and developed by CSIR CMERI for a very long time. Its history began with the creation of the first tractor in the country, the SWARAJ Tractor, in 1965. Then came the 35-horsepower Sonalika Tractor in 2000, and then the 12-horsepower Krishishakti Small Diesel Tractor in 2009 to meet the needs of small and marginal farmers.

To continue the legacy, CMERI began experimenting with the tractor’s advanced technologies and created the CSIR PRIMA ET11 e-tractor.

Tractors typically burn diesel, which greatly adds to environmental pollution. They account for 60% of all agricultural fuel usage and consume around 7.4% of the nation’s yearly diesel consumption. Moreover, their emissions of PM2.5 and NOx are predicted to rise by 4-5 times during the next 20 years.

The Ministry of Science & Technology claims that the rapid electrification of this industry is required by the global goal of reducing carbon footprints. 

India made the commitment to reduce predicted global carbon emissions by one billion tons by 2030 during the COP26 meeting in Glasgow in 2021. 

The goal of having Net Zero carbon emissions by 2070 was also maintained

Tractor electrification is a vital step for India to take in order to achieve these goals.

Electric tractors have been suggested as a potential solution in the context of more sustainable farming, taking into account the need to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the impending scarcity of fossil fuels. Unfortunately, the majority of commercial equipment comprises of high-power machines, which are only practical for large-area farming. This presents a barrier for Indian marginal farmers, who make up more than 80% of the farmer population and have roughly two hectares of farming land or less.

In response, CSIR-CMERI created the CSIR PRIMA ET11, a small, 100% pure electric tractor that is primarily intended to serve India’s small and marginal farmers.

In front of the Secretary, DSIR Dr. N. Kalaiselvi, and many other dignitaries, Union Minister for Science and Technology Dr. Jitendra Singh launched this first-of-its-kind electric tractor at the ‘one week one lab’ curtain raiser ceremony held in New Delhi.

Moreover, KN Bioscience, a Hyderabad-based firm famous for its Kushal Tractor brand and several bioscience-related developments and products, has been granted a license to commercialize this revolutionary technology.

This tractor, the CSIR PRIMA ET11, is anticipated to lead to a breakthrough in sustainable agriculture while also satisfying the needs of India’s small and marginal farmers. As a result, this progress will force India to dominate the world’s tractor sector with an innovative perspective.

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