Altigreen Unveils Speedy Charging L5 E3W Electric Vehicle

“Altigreen’s Neev Tez: Revolutionizing Electric Three-Wheelers”

Altigreen has introduced the Neev Tez, a groundbreaking L5 electric three-wheeler, boasting a full charge in just 15 minutes.

The firm recently handed over 200 of these cargo-focused electric vehicles to Magenta Mobility, a prominent electric vehicle fleet service, to enhance last-mile delivery for online retailers. This delivery is part of a larger agreement to provide 1,000 units.

The Neev Tez EV by Altigreen presents a versatile three-mode charging system, with its rapid charge feature powered by Exponent Energy’s e-pump DC stations.

Altigreen, experiencing a surge in demand, collaborates with major banks and financial institutions to propel its electric vehicle initiative. The company also acknowledges SIDBI’s contributions to the EV landscape. The Neev Tez by Altigreen offers a robust five-year warranty and promises longevity with up to 3,000 rapid charge cycles.

About Altigreen

Altigreen is a pioneering force in the electric vehicle sector, dedicated to creating sustainable and efficient transportation solutions.
With its innovative approach, the company has introduced groundbreaking products like the Neev Tez, an electric three-wheeler known for its ultra-fast charging capabilities. Based in India, Altigreen is not just about vehicles; it’s about a vision for a greener future.
Their commitment to reducing carbon footprints, combined with a keen understanding of urban mobility challenges, positions them as a leader in the EV industry. As they continue to innovate, Altigreen promises to drive the future of eco-friendly transportation.