Arenq Set to Establish a Cutting-Edge Rs 28 Crore Battery Manufacturing Facility in Pune

Arenq Set to Establish a Cutting-Edge Rs 28 Crore Battery Manufacturing Facility in Pune

Leading producer of energy storage batteries, Arenq, has opened a new manufacturing facility in Pune, Maharashtra. The company had previously announced plans to expand in India, allocating Rs 28 crore for the Pune plant. The new, fully automated production unit will complement Arenq’s current manufacturing capabilities at its Nandurbar plant in Maharashtra and span over an impressive 80,000 square feet.

Arenq claims that this development will bring its overall output capacity to 200 MW.

“This new facility in Pune is a leap toward our vision of a sustainable energy future. We are not just expanding our manufacturing footprint; we are advancing our commitment to innovative and environmentally friendly energy solutions. A significant increase in production capacity is not just a leap forward for the company but also marks a substantial enhancement in the Indian and global energy storage markets.”

V G Anil, CEO, Arenq, said,

The company explains that its renowned skills and significant experience in industrial design and construction is crucial to guaranteeing the timely and successful completion of this state-of-the-art facility. Besten Engineers & Consultants India is the project consultant for Arenq’s Pune plant.

About Arenq

Arenq is a company that manufactures and distributes energy storage solutions, such as batteries, for various industries. Arenq has more than 20 years of industry experience and a team of experts who design and build optimal batteries. Arenq aims to power the world with the best energy storage solutions and to become the No 1 battery manufacturer in India

Arenq inks strategic partnership with Lucas TVS for EV motors and controllers: This is a three-year partnership that was announced on March 27, 2023. Lucas TVS will provide electric motors and controllers for Arenq’s batteries, which are used in various industries such as electric vehicles, telecom, and solar. The partnership aims to enhance the performance and efficiency of Arenq’s batteries and to expand their market share in India.

Arenq & RDL Technologies join hands to make battery monitoring with IoT devices: This is a five-year partnership that was also announced on March 27, 2023. RDL Technologies will develop IoT devices that will upload data from the Battery Management System (BMS) to the cloud. The IoT devices will allow Arenq to remotely monitor and navigate the motor, controller, and battery while also providing customers with customised reports on the battery’s performance. The partnership will enable Arenq to offer innovative and smart battery solutions for various applications.