Ather Unveils Pair of New Electric Scooters Set for 2024 Release

Ather Unveils Pair of New Electric Scooters Set for 2024 Release

Ather Energy is an electric scooter manufacturer. Tarun Mehta, co-founder and CEO, recently revealed on Instagram their plans for the upcoming year, which include two new scooters, each with a different goal in mind. The updated lineup would include a more powerful, feature-rich version and also a more affordable version.

An e-scooter designed for families

According to Ather, there are plans for a larger scooter than the current 450 line-up. This will make it more comfortable and useful, which will ultimately make it more family-friendly. Based on Ather’s claim, we predict that this new e-scooter will have a slightly lower power output, which will make it more convenient for riding in cities and increase its range. However, this could also mean fewer ride modes.  

The brand stated that it plans to launch the e-scooter at an affordable price point, sometime next year. On the other hand, since it is a family-oriented scooter, storage space might increase including a bigger boot, which currently stands at 22 liters. Ather might also opt for a wider seat and increased ride quality to suit riders of all ages.

An upgraded 450X

Ather is well-known for its sporting credentials. Now, the company hopes to build on the success of the 450 by releasing a more potent version of it. The claims state that this will be an evolution of the 450X, with more features and performance. We imagine it will have a more potent motor than the 8.58 bhp model now in use. Ather may also choose to use a more recent, more energy-dense battery to maintain a range comparable to the current levels. However, all of these are merely conjecture and we will not know for sure until next year.

Considering that Ather is also claiming a longer list of features, we might see video-streaming apps in this scooter, which is the current trend in EVs. Features like a digital key might also make it into this scooter. With all of these claims, Ather may be building a rival to the TVS X, which is currently the most powerful e-scooter in India with a 4.4kWh battery pack. Expect the prices to go up because Ather has stated that it will cost a premium; whether or not it will be worthwhile is still up for debate.

One of the most well-known e-scooter brands in India, Ather currently offers three e-scooters with two battery options (2.9kWh and 3.7kWh). The scooters have claimed ranges of between 111km and 150km and range in price from Rs 1.30 lakh to Rs 1.45 lakh. With the addition of these scooters, Ather will broaden its product line and increase its customer base.