CHARGE+ZONE Introduces India’s First High-Speed EV SuperCharging Network

CHARGE+ZONE Introduces India’s First High-Speed EV SuperCharging Network

November 17, 2023: CHARGE+ZONE is a company that helps electric vehicles (EVs) charge faster. It has started a new service called SuperCharging Network, which has many fast charging points across India. These points are located near roads and in cities, and have facilities like toilets, food, and shops. Some of them also use solar energy to save the environment.

The first superchargers are scheduled to open in November 2023, with the first ones being located in Mumbai and CCD, Vellore. By effectively converting alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC), these superchargers provide EV batteries with fast charging by directly supplying high-power DC voltage and current.

Mr. Kartikey Hariyani, Founder and CEO of CHARGE+ZONE, expressed his excitement about the SuperCharging Network’s launch, highlighting its dedication to revolutionizing EV charging in India. He emphasized addressing the escalating demand for efficient charging solutions, catering to new-gen EV buses and trucks. The network aims to meet the surging need for convenient and swift EV charging, essential for widespread EV adoption, whether on highways or in city centers.

Moreover, Mr. Ravindra Mohan, Director (Operations & Technology) at CHARGE+ZONE, explained the seamless management of the EV charging process by the vehicle’s Battery Management System, incorporating system health checks and automatic cost deductions. These superchargers support long-haul and city-based EVs, offering a comprehensive charging solution with an estimated 15 to 20-minute charging time, contingent on the vehicle’s battery capacity.

This plan is part of CHARGE+ZONE’s big goal to set up more than 150 fast charging stations all over the country, to make it easy for electric vehicles (EVs) to charge. They chose Mumbai and CCD, Vellore, because a lot of cars use the Chennai-Bengaluru road and people want to charge their EVs quickly in busy places like BKC, Mumbai. These fast charging stations will help truck and bus owners switch their vehicles to EVs, and make sure they can charge them fast and without any problems.

CHARGE+ZONE works with many big and famous car and electric vehicle companies like Hyundai, Mahindra & Mahindra, Tata Motors, and others. This shows that CHARGE+ZONE is a leader in India’s electric vehicle market. CHARGE+ZONE has a large network of more than 3,200 places where you can charge your electric vehicle in 37 cities. CHARGE+ZONE wants to have one million charging places by 2030. This shows that CHARGE+ZONE cares about charging in a way that is good for the environment. The company also plans to use solar and wind energy for their charging places. This will follow the rules and policies of the states and the government.