Hyzon Motors and PFG Collaborate to Revolutionize Heavy-Duty Trucking Through Zero-Emission Vehicles

Hyzon Motors and PFG Collaborate to Revolutionize Heavy-Duty Trucking Through Zero-Emission Vehicles

In a significant move towards sustainable transportation, Hyzon Motors Inc. (NASDAQ: HYZN), a trailblazer in hydrogen fuel cell technology, proudly declared the handover of four state-of-the-art fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) to the esteemed food distribution giant, Performance Food Group (NYSE: PFG).

The landmark event, hosted at PFG’s Vista facility in Fontana, brought together local government officials, corporate leaders, and PFG associates for a collective ceremony featuring ride-along demonstrations highlighting the innovative FCEVs.

Parker Meeks, CEO of Hyzon, underscored the shared commitment to decarbonization among PFG, Hyzon, and the state of California. .

“Introducing these zero-emission trucks on the road signifies a crucial step towards the decarbonization objectives embraced by PFG, Hyzon, and the state of California. Our fuel cell technology is set to enable Vistar’s heavy-duty trucking operations to run emission-free with reduced noise pollution. We express deep gratitude for our collaboration with PFG, as it advances our joint mission to cut carbon emissions from heavy-duty trucking.”

Meeks stated.

“The deployment of these vehicles is a major milestone for Hyzon’s industry-leading technology, and through this partnership, we expect to gain valuable insight through real-world operations. Further, we expect that this intelligence will help us to optimize our technology while working simultaneously to develop the next-generation 200kW fuel cell system.”

Meeks further remarked,

Hyzon’s hydrogen FCEVs boast an impressive travel range of up to 350 miles and a rapid refuelling time of just fifteen minutes. PFG intends to integrate these vehicles into its fleet for delivering snacks, candy, and beverages to customers. The hydrogen fueling will be facilitated by Pilot Travel Centers LLC, a prominent fuel and energy provider boasting the largest network of travel centres in North America.

The delivery follows six months after the initial announcement of the fuel cell electric vehicle agreement between Hyzon and PFG. Hyzon has made history as one of the pioneering companies to deliver a heavy-duty fuel-cell electric truck, commonly referred to as a tractor, in the United States.

Jeff Williamson, Senior Vice President of Operations at PFG, highlighted the significance of sustainability in the essential service of food distribution.

“Food distribution is an essential service critical to the companies and communities we serve. As we look towards the future, we need to work towards sustainability goals and improve our transportation infrastructure. At PFG, we remain dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint and serving the Southern California region responsibly. We’re excited to have partners like Hyzon as we continue to demonstrate our commitment to being a good neighbour to every community we serve.”

Williamson stated.

Zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, such as those delivered by Hyzon, provide comparable benefits and convenience to diesel trucks without the harmful emissions that degrade air quality and harm the environment. Fuel cell electric vehicles also offer advantages over battery electric vehicles in terms of payload capacity, range, and refuelling time, making them a natural choice for distribution and heavy-duty freight companies.

Vistar’s Fontana office, situated in the San Bernardino suburb, has actively been transitioning away from diesel to reduce harmful emissions. The company previously collaborated with Hyzon on a successful demonstration of Hyzon’s Liquid Hydrogen FCEV through Temple, TX, covering a 16-hour continuous route of over 540 miles in temperatures exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

With the successful delivery of the initial vehicles and pending a favourable trial with Hyzon’s next-generation 200kW FCEV, Hyzon and PFG are poised to collaborate on an agreement for 15 200kW FCEVs, with an option for an additional 30 FCEVs.