India's Altmin Collaborates with Bolivia's YLB for Strategic Alliance in Lithium and C-LFP Technology

India’s Altmin Collaborates with Bolivia’s YLB for Strategic Alliance in Lithium and C-LFP Technology

Bolivia’s YLB, which handles lithium, and Altmin from Hyderabad, a company that makes battery materials, have officially made a deal to work together on lithium and C-LFP (a type of battery technology).

The agreement outlines cooperation on the creation of cathode active materials (CAMs) for lithium-ion batteries and the development of the raw materials supply chain, in line with both countries’ efforts to industrialize this vital resource. This collaboration marks Bolivia’s first step toward the advancement of domestic Li-Ion battery manufacturing and will help Altmin’s operations in India while also addressing Bolivia’s lithium needs.

The agreement was formally signed by YLB President Karla Calderón and Altmin’s Founder, Mr. Mourya Sunkavalli. 

The partnership will have the exchange of scientific technology knowledge for battery active materials manufacturing. A Pilot Plant will be established in La Palca, Potosí, using Altmin’s patented “C-LFP” technology, with YLB providing lithium carbonate supplies.

A special event happened at the old National Mint in Potosí. Important people were there, like Raul Mayta, who is in charge of finding and using energy resources, and Marco Copa Gutierrez, who is the leader of Potosí. Other big names from the government, the local area, the YLB company, and Kiriti Varma, who helped start Altmin, were also there.

Last month, specialists from YLB went to Altmin’s factory in Hyderabad to talk about complex technical and business stuff. Then, the company owned by the Bolivian government asked Altmin to come to Bolivia to finish their deal.

Karla Calderón, President of YLB, emphasized, “This convention provides for cooperation for the technological development of active materials for use in Lithium-ion batteries, with the implementation of a pilot plant in Potosi set to commence this year, and a 3 Gigawatt plant envisioned for the near future.” 

 Mourya Sunkavalli, Founder & MD of Altmin, expressed confidence in the partnership, stating, “Joining hands with YLB is extremely reassuring as it secures our position in the global battery market. This alliance will enable Altmin to produce upwards of 10 GWh of LFP by 2030..”

In order to demonstrate its dedication to the manufacture of cathode active material (CAM) and India’s self-reliance in the field while reducing external dependence, Altmin recently opened a Megawatt-scale LFP manufacturing unit with ARCI.

Content Credit: ET Energyworld