JBM Auto Limited Wins Bid to Supply 1,390 Electric Buses for PM-eBus Sewa Initiative

JBM Auto Limited, a foremost entity in the automotive industry, recently announced a significant achievement by its subsidiary, JBM Ecolife Mobility Private Limited, marking a major advancement in the electric mobility sector.

The subsidiary has been selected as the winning bidder in the Tender for the Procurement, Supply, Operation, and Maintenance of 1,390 Electric Buses under the prestigious PM-eBus Sewa Scheme, along with the development of related electric and civil infrastructure based on Gross Cost Contracting (GCC) terms.

This achievement is not just a business milestone but a leap towards sustainable transportation, showcasing JBM Auto Limited’s dedication to eco-friendly mobility solutions. The company, by securing approximately 65% of the total electric buses tendered, demonstrates a strong commitment to the environment and innovation in the rapidly evolving electric vehicle market.

The distinction of being declared as L1 in the tender process underscores JBM Auto Limited’s leadership and competitive edge in the electric mobility domain.

“We are thrilled to have been awarded this prestigious Tender, which aligns perfectly with our vision of promoting eco-friendly transportation solutions. This initiative not only demonstrates our dedication to environmental sustainability but also highlights our technological prowess in the electric vehicle domain.”

Sanjeev Kumar, Company Secretary, and Compliance Officer of JBM Auto Limited expressed his gratitude, stating.

The responsibility bestowed upon JBM Ecolife Mobility Private Limited entails ensuring the efficient operation and maintenance of the electric buses. This role is crucial in supporting the government’s initiative to promote clean, green public transportation, contributing significantly to the reduction of carbon emissions and pollution levels.

Scheduled for completion within 12 to 18 months, the project has an impressive order value of around Rs. 7,500 Crore. This substantial investment not only strengthens JBM Auto Limited’s foothold in the electric mobility segment but also highlights the company’s role as a pivotal player in India’s journey towards sustainable transportation.

This landmark development reaffirms JBM Auto Limited’s commitment to innovation, environmental responsibility, and technological advancement within the automotive industry. Through this significant stride, JBM Auto Limited is set to contribute profoundly to transforming India’s transportation ecosystem into a greener, more sustainable model, aligning with global efforts towards combating climate change and promoting eco-friendly mobility solutions.