Warivo Launches WARIVO STROMER: A High-Performance Electric Scooter

Warivo Launches WARIVO STROMER: A High-Performance Electric Scooter

Warivo Motors Pvt Ltd is a big company in India that makes electric vehicles. They have launched a new electric scooter called WARIVO STROMER-HIGH SPEED VEHICLE.

They showed the new scooter at an event where they celebrated India’s creativity and green transport.

Mr. Sanjay Garg, Director of Warivo Motors Pvt Ltd, shared insights about the latest addition to their lineup. Mr. Garg stated, “The WARIVO STROMER is a testament to our commitment to offer affordable and high-performance electric mobility solutions. We believe in ‘Make in India,’ and this scooter exemplifies our vision for a greener future. With this launch, Warivo is setting a new standard for high-speed electric scooters in India.”

Warivo Motors Pvt Ltd started in 2018 and became a top company that makes electric vehicles. More than 30,000 to 40,000 of their electric vehicles are on the road now. The company has a big factory that covers 100,000 square feet, showing their love for quality and new ideas.

WARIVO STROMER runs on a strong battery that can store 2.5 kWh of power. The WARIVO STROMER can go far on one charge. It can go as fast as 55 km/h, making it fun and quick to ride.

The WARIVO STROMER has two different modes to ride. In economy mode, it can go up to 100 km on one charge, while in performance mode, it can go up to 75 km per charge.

The scooter has many new features, such as locking with alarm, no key needed, ‘Find My Scooter’ function, safe parking, battery information display, USB charger point, reverse gear, two-way speed control, side stand sensor, and distance-to-charge indicator.

Mr. Garg also said that they have set the price of WARIVO STROMER at a low rate of INR 92,490, making it easy and cheap for people who want green transport options.

The launch of the WARIVO STROMER is a big step toward Warivo Motors’ goal of making green and efficient transport solutions. The company’s support for ‘Make in India’ and their work to improve electric vehicle technology show its will to be a leader in the industry.

About Warivo Motors Pvt Ltd:

Warivo Motors Pvt Ltd is a top Indian company that makes electric vehicles. They want to give green and new transport solutions. They started in 2018 and quickly became famous for their love for making high-quality electric vehicles with a focus on green and cheap. Visit www.warivomotor.com