EICMA 2023 Unveiling: Ultraviolette F99, India's Latest High-Speed Electric Superbike

EICMA 2023 Unveiling: Ultraviolette F99, India’s Latest High-Speed Electric Superbike

About Ultraviolette F99 

Ultraviolette F99 is a new electric bike made by a company from Bengaluru. They showed it for the first time in Europe at a big bike show called EICMA 2023. This bike is different from the one they showed in India at Auto Expo 2023. It is made by one of the company’s founders, Narayan Subramaniam, who wanted to make a very fast and powerful bike. It is much better than their first bike, the F77. It can go up to 265 kmph.

Niraj Rajmohan, another founder and the chief of technology, talks about the F99 and how it shows their skill in making electric vehicles. He is happy that they can make new things for racing and give riders a great time on the track and the road. He and his team are excited to enter the European market. Now, let us see what makes this bike so special.

 Looks and design

The F99 looks like a star on the track. It has smooth tires, no mirrors, and no number plate. It has big wings on the sides and a cool light in the front that looks like the company’s name. It has three colors on it and a round wheel at the back. It looks very sharp. The rider’s seat is not very soft, and the backlight is small and in the middle. The back wings also have lights that turn on when the bike stops. The F99 makes the rider lean forward more than the F77. It has a good suspension system to make the ride smooth. It is a beast on the track, for sure!


🔎 WHAT IT CAN DO Feature: Ultraviolette F99

🔎 Top Speed: 265 kmph

🔎 Motor Power: 120HP/90KW

🔎 Acceleration: 3 SEC 0-100 KM/H

🔎 Weight: 178 KG

🔎 Cooling System: Liquid–cooled

🔎 Battery: Air–cooled (Specs undisclosed)

The Ultraviolette F99 has a special feature that makes it more aerodynamic. This feature has two parts. The first part is an ‘air windshield’ that uses two holes in the front to send air to a machine, which then pushes it out through thin plates. This creates a ‘wall of fast-moving air’ that makes the air flow smoothly over the rider’s head, making the bike go faster. The second part is the ‘Air-Blade,’ a piece of the side that moves according to how the bike tilts, making it more stable when turning.

Anticipated Release and Cost of the Ultraviolette F99

We don’t know what Ultraviolette will do with the F99 in the future. Maybe they will make a version for the road or keep it for the track only. They have said that they will sell the F99 all over the world in 2025. They think it will cost around Rs 8.00 lakh (ex-showroom). They have also started selling the F77 electric bike in Europe. They will start giving the F77 to the buyers in the middle of 2024.


The F99 is a very attractive bike. It is sleek, sharp, and sporty. It is very fast and can beat other bikes in the market. It is a dream for people who love racing. We can’t wait for the F99 to be ready, so we can try it ourselves. We hope the F99 will make the riders happy and give them an amazing time on the road.