Greaves Retail Unveils AutoEVMart Master Distributor Outlet

Greaves Unveils Inaugural AutoEVMart Master Distributor Outlet

Greaves Retail has opened AutoEVMart’s first-ever master distributor outlet in Chennai. The company says the master distributor concept aims to be a novel way to solve important issues regarding electric three-wheelers, like dealer minimum order quantities (MOQ) and transportation costs. The master distributor idea would serve as a development driver for AutoEVMart and other OEMs, allowing market expansion without being directly involved in every transaction.

By utilizing the master distributor’s experience in managing day-to-day operations, OEMs can concentrate on strategic expansion and brand development, as the distributor will act as the local point of contact and prioritize customer service, offering prompt responses to inquiries, efficient handling of warranty claims, and prompt issue resolution.

This innovative approach will also enable smaller dealerships to gain access to a diversified range of electric three-wheelers from various OEMs, enabling them to respond to a wide range of client tastes and expectations, ultimately increasing sales potential. The Chennai site will serve as a springboard for the creation of other dealerships throughout the city, increasing market accessibility.

“Chennai is a major economic powerhouse in India, and we are very excited about the growth of electric small commercial vehicles. The retail outlets will be backed by Greaves Retail’s range of electric vehicle spare parts to ensure maximum vehicle uptime for commercial customers.”  

Narasimha Jayakumar, CEO, Greaves Retail said

“At OSM, we are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Greaves Retail. What sets these new outlets apart is their adherence to the 4S standard, encompassing sales, spares, service, and supercharging.”  

Vivek Dhawan, Director of Sales, Marketing, and Service at Omega Seiki Mobility (OSM) said

AutoEVMart’s pioneering Master distributor store will redefine customer service, drive OEM expansion, and lead the way into a dynamic future for electric mobility.”

Srivant, Owner of AutoEVMart Master Distributor Outlet, Puzhal said