Okaya Slashes Electric Scooter Prices by Up to Rs 18,000 - Find Out More

Okaya Slashes Electric Scooter Prices by Up to Rs 18,000 – Find Out More

Okaya EV, a company that makes electric vehicles, has lowered the prices of all its electric vehicle models by up to INR 18,000. This special offer lasts until February 29, 2024. They did this to make electric vehicles cheaper and encourage more people in India to use them.

Now, Okaya’s electric scooters start at INR 74,899. They can go up to 75 km on one charge. The Faast F4 scooter, which can travel between 140 to 160 km on one charge, is now priced at INR 1,19,990, reduced from INR 1,37,990. This scooter has two batteries, making a total power of 4.4 kWh, which is the most powerful in the market.

Okaya also mentioned that their electric scooters are certified by ICAT under AIS 156 Amendment III Phase 2, meaning they are safe to ride and protected against water and dust.

“We have significantly lowered the prices across the entire range to strengthen affordability. This strategic move aims to alleviate any concerns customers may have regarding EV pricing, ultimately accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles in India. We are confident that this initiative will propel EV adoption forward and enable us to achieve significant milestones in the near future.”

Anshul Gupta, the Managing Director of Okaya EV, expressed the company’s motivation behind the price reduction, stated.

The new prices, which are good until February 29, 2024, are as follows:

✅ Faast F4: Reduced to INR 1,19,990 from INR 1,37,990.

✅ Faast F3: Now INR 1,09,990, was INR 1,24,990.

✅ Motofaast: Now INR 1,28,999, was INR 1,41,999.

✅ Faast F2F: Now INR 83,999, was INR 93,999.

✅ Faast F2B: Now INR 93,950, was INR 1,02,950.

✅ Faast F2T: Now INR 92,900.

The Freedum model, a slower scooter, is also on sale for INR 74,899.