Omega Seiki Mobility Unveils Innovative COCO Service Center Fueled by Green Energy in NCR

Omega Seiki Mobility Unveils Innovative COCO Service Center Fueled by Green Energy in NCR

Omega Seiki Mobility, a leader in electric vehicles, just opened a cool new service center in Faridabad, Haryana. It’s big—30,000 sq ft!—with 7 high-tech service bays and a team of over 20 super-skilled service engineers.

This place is awesome for folks who own Omega Seiki electric vehicles. They can bring in their rides for service, and the centre can handle up to 3,000 vehicles every year. That’s about 30% of all the vehicles the brand sells!

What’s really cool is that this place is all about being eco-friendly. It runs on green energy, which is great for the environment. And get this: it’s open 24/7! So, if you need your vehicle fixed up, you can schedule it even during non-working hours. Plus, they’ve got comfy spots for drivers to chill while their vehicles get some TLC. It’s like a one-stop shop for all things electric vehicle service!

Before launching in Faridabad, Omega Seiki Mobility shared plans to open three more service centres next year. They’ll be in Bangalore and Chennai after careful consideration. This expansion is part of the brand’s bigger goal to create a cleaner and more efficient future for electric vehicle users all over the country.

Mr. Uday Narang, the founder and chairman of Omega Seiki Mobility, stressed how important these service centres are. It’s a big investment in providing great service. He also emphasized the brand’s dedication to changing the electric vehicle scene, focusing on green energy, smart engineering, and data-driven solutions.

This high-tech service centre will not only offer great service but also be a training spot for the existing 190-plus dealerships all over the country. The goal is to improve service infrastructure as the product line-up expands each year.

Omega Seiki Mobility is all about sustainable mobility. They imagine a future where electric vehicles are a normal part of society, creating an environment that’s environmentally responsible, safe, and free of traffic jams.

Omega Seiki Mobility, a prominent proponent of renewable energy in India, is a major force behind the nation’s sustainability initiative. In addition, the COCO Service Center guarantees continuous car maintenance, filling in the service void during dealership closures.