RACE Energy Introduces Battery Swap Tech for Electric Three-Wheelers in Sri Lanka

RACE Energy Introduces Battery Swap Tech for Electric Three-Wheelers in Sri Lanka

Hyderabad-based RACE Energy, a company that works on special technology for electric cars, is now starting to do business in other countries. They’ve started working in Sri Lanka.

They teamed up with Lanka E-Mobility Solutions (LeMS) to test their technology that switches car batteries quickly. They’re trying it out with small electric vehicles called three-wheelers in Colombo.

At first, they’re starting with 25 vehicles and 3 places where you can swap batteries in Colombo. They want to spread this to other places like Galle and Kandy. In the next 3-6 months, they want to have 500 vehicles using this system. This could really help about 1.2 million drivers in Sri Lanka who drive these small vehicles called ‘Tuk-tuks’.

“We offer the most advanced, light, safe, and energy-dense swappable batteries in the market. The decision to venture into international markets like Sri Lanka and partner with LeMS, the largest three-wheeler player in the country, stems from the resonating market and environmental dynamics shared between India and Sri Lanka, in addition to the urgency for electric solutions in Lanka, which is currently facing petrol shortages.”  

-said Arun Sreyas, Co-Founder, RACE Energy

“Since establishing RACE in 2019, we have emerged as a leader in Hyderabad’s EV market, catering to more than 50 per cent of the region’s EV segment and facilitating over 1,000 daily swaps. As the first battery swapping company to receive the AIS 156 Phase-2 certifications, we always push towards setting new benchmarks in the industry. With the pilot in Sri Lanka, we hope to extend our instant swapping technology in India and beyond international waters to proliferate e-mobility adoption.”  

-said Gautham Maheswaran, Co-Founder, RACE Energy

“The entire conversion process, which includes the replacement of the conventional petrol engine with a brand-new electric motor and drivetrain, takes just two hours. Once converted, the vehicle can immediately start using our battery-swapping services. With Sri Lanka having more three-wheelers per capita than even India, the birthplace of these vehicles, we at LeMS are not just providing three-wheeler owners with a cost and time-effective option for electrification, but also making a significant positive impact on the environment.” 

Shirendra Lawrence, Co-Founder and Director, Lanka e-Mobility Solutions added

Content Credit: express mobility