Triton EV to launch electric pickup trucks weighing 3.5 tonnes in India and Middle East

Triton EV to launch electric pickup trucks weighing 3.5 tonnes in India and Middle East

Triton EV (TEV), a company well known for its dedication to clean energy-powered cars and smart mobility innovation, is getting ready to announce the significant launch of its 3.5T Triton EV Pickup Truck for the Indian and Middle Eastern markets.

MD of Triton EV Himanshu Patel is excited about this new introduction and said, “EVs are becoming stronger by the virtue of their contribution to the diverse automobile sector. The logistics sector represents a great portion of automobile consumption and this sector is showing fast adoption of EVs. On such market demand, we at TEV are excited to introduce Triton EV Pickup Trucks with 3.5 Tonne capacity,” Mr. Patel also possesses a strong belief that EV pickup trucks have the potential to revolutionize the supply chain, promoting sustainability, efficiency, and economic growth. 

“Supporting local EV production will not only generate job opportunities within the supply chain for a larger number of people. This EV Pickup Truck shall open the doors of better profitability and better supply chain coverage,” commented Triton EV Himanshu Patel. 

The introduction of Electric Vehicle (EV) pickup trucks is extremely important for the supply chain environment in India. Adoption of EVs can considerably cut emissions, improving air quality for supply chain workers and the broader public in India, which continues to struggle with air pollution. 

In addition, the switch to electric power lessens the nation’s reliance on imported fossil fuels, improving both economic stability and energy security. Businesses find EV pickup trucks to be both economically and environmentally advantageous due to lower running costs, government incentives, and decreased noise pollution.

In Kheda, Anand District, close to Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Triton EV has developed its comprehensive Research and Development (R&D) Center facility.

Triton EV’s whole R&D operation, which includes the creation of Triton EV trucks and special purpose vehicles, is now centered at this R&D facility on a global scale.

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Content Credit: Times of India