Wardwizard Innovations and Triton EV Form Strategic Partnership to Advance Electric Vehicle Manufacturing

Wardwizard Innovations and Triton EV Form Strategic Partnership to Advance Electric Vehicle Manufacturing

Wardwizard Innovations & Mobility Ltd. (WIML), known for its ‘Joy e-bike’ brand in India, made a big move by teaming up with Triton EV, a famous U.S. electric vehicle maker. This partnership aims to change the electric vehicle scene in India and the UAE over the next five years.

The agreement was signed at Wardwizard’s head office in Vadodara. Triton EV’s Founder, Mr. Himanshu Patel, and Mr. Yatin Sanjay Gupte, Chairman and Managing Director of Wardwizard Innovations & Mobility Limited, sealed the deal.

In this partnership, Triton EV chose WIML to make battery-operated trucks in India and the UAE. WIML will also increase its production to make two-wheelers and Three-wheelers for Triton EV.

Both companies are committed to helping the electric vehicle industry grow, following the green mobility goals set by the government.

Triton EV will share technology for hydrogen battery packs in two and three-wheelers with WIML. They’ll also provide important technology help for setting up and expanding production in India.

This collaboration is unique because both companies agreed to share their suppliers, making their business run smoothly. Additionally, WIML will help develop vendors for both companies, making their supply chain strong and connected.

WIML is committed to being environmentally friendly. They plan to make hydrogen battery-operated trucks and vehicles in India with Triton EV. This big project fits with their goal of being innovative and environmentally responsible in the electric vehicle field.

Mr. Yatin Sanjay Gupte, who leads WIML, is excited about how this partnership can change the electric vehicle industry. By combining WIML’s manufacturing skills with Triton’s advanced technology, they aim to make electric vehicles for India and the UAE.

Mr. Himanshu Patel, Triton EV’s founder, sees this collaboration as a major step in expanding into new markets. He’s impressed with WIML’s skilled workforce and top-notch manufacturing abilities and expects to make a bigger impact in India and the UAE with advanced products and technology.

With the partnership between WIML and Triton EV, India and the UAE are taking a big step toward green mobility solutions. This MOU will help India and the UAE achieve their sustainable transportation goals by accelerating the transition to electric vehicles.