Zoomcar Teams Up with SPARKCARS to Propel Eco-Friendly Transportation

India’s journey towards an electric vehicle (EV) future has been significantly accelerated through a partnership between Zoomcar, a leading car-sharing marketplace recently listed on NASDAQ, and SPARKCARS, a trailblazing EV self-drive rental company.

This collaboration is set to cater to the growing need for easy and independent travel options while also emphasizing the economic advantages of EVs in the rental market.

Zoomcar and SPARKCARS have committed to a rapid growth strategy, planning to add over 1,000 electric vehicles to Zoomcar’s platform across India in the next two years. This fleet expansion will feature sought-after models like the TATA Nexon, Mahindra XUV 400, and Citroen eC3, offering a wide range of environmentally friendly vehicles to customers. Rental hosts will benefit economically from the high demand, competitive pricing, and lower operational costs of EVs compared to traditional petrol or diesel cars.

This initiative is a proactive response to India’s urgent environmental concerns and its goal to decrease reliance on fossil fuels. By leading the transition to a more sustainable transportation model, Zoomcar and SPARKCARS aim to address infrastructure hurdles, boost EV adoption, and foster a thriving EV community. The partnership facilitates easy access to EV bookings through the Zoomcar app, with no deposit or mileage restrictions required.

“With the government’s growing focus on boosting the EV ecosystem, we are proud to facilitate this evolution with SPARKCARS for a cleaner, greener future. We are not just adding EVs to our platform; we are empowering our guests with a variety of sustainable choices and opening the doors to disproportionate economic value that EV hosts can earn compared to ICE.”

Greg Moran, CEO and Co-Founder of Zoomcar, stated.

“We have been working towards enabling a sustainable mobility transition in India for quite some time. Together with a market leader like Zoomcar, we are confident in our shared abilities to achieve this goal at a faster pace, aligning seamlessly with India’s climate commitments and the Prime Minister’s Mission Life initiative.”

Mehul Agrawal, CEO and Co-Founder of SPARKCARS added.

The launch of this partnership was celebrated with their first guest booking, attended by Adarsh Menon, President of Zoomcar, and Mehul Agrawal, Co-founder of SPARKCARS. 

“As a staunch advocate for electric vehicles and a believer in the self-drive rental model, I’m ecstatic to experience the synergy between Zoomcar and SPARKCARS. This partnership aligns perfectly with my values of sustainability and convenience, offering me the freedom to explore without the burden of ownership. I’m proud to support initiatives that pave the way for a greener, more accessible future of transportation.”

Mr. Keshav Soni, shared his enthusiasm for the initiative, added.

Content Credit: Emobility