Honeywell Introduces Li-ion Battery Safety Sensors & PPE Collection for EV Worker

Honeywell Introduces Li-ion Battery Safety Sensors & PPE Collection for EV Worker

Honeywell makes products that keep electric vehicles (EVs) and their workers safe. EVs use lithium batteries, which can catch fire sometimes. Honeywell’s sensors can detect this and warn the drivers. Honeywell also provides equipment and tools to protect the workers who make the batteries. EVs are very important for a clean and green future. But they also need to be safe. Honeywell helps make EVs safer and better for the environment. Sarah Martin, the head of Honeywell Sensing & Safety Technologies, said this.

India is a big market for EVs. It wants to have more EVs on the road by 2030. Many people are using electric scooters too. They are cheaper and cleaner than other vehicles. More factories and jobs are needed to make EVs and batteries. But there are some safety issues too. Li-ion batteries can cause big fires that last long. The workers who make the batteries can get hurt or sick from the chemicals and electricity.

Honeywell has solutions for electric scooters and drivers. Honeywell’s sensors can tell if the battery is going to catch fire. They can alert the passengers and let them get out. Honeywell works with Nexceris, a company that makes gas detection solutions. They are making sensors that can find the signs of fire earlier. This can prevent damage and injury.

Honeywell also has solutions for workers in EV factories. Making batteries is risky. The workers can face toxic and flammable chemicals and electric shocks. Honeywell gives them safety gear, gas detection tools and PPE. These can protect them from harm. They are useful for different stages of battery making.

“As a leader in EV and scooter battery safety, we aim to drive the electric mobility revolution in the country by augmenting safety standards, offering innovative ready-now solutions and helping our customers navigate the challenges of the rapidly-evolving electric vehicle market,” Ashish Modi, president, Honeywell India, said. 

The government of India also cares about EV safety. It has made new rules for EVs and passengers. The rules say that EVs must give a signal to warn the passengers of a fire risk. The signal must come five minutes before the fire starts. The passengers must be able to exit the vehicle safely.