Reliance Commences Testing of Swappable EV Batteries

Reliance Commences Testing of Swappable EV Batteries

Reliance Industries, a big company that does many different things, is making a big factory in Gujarat to make batteries for electric vehicles. They have started testing their batteries with BigBasket, an online shop that sells groceries, in Bangalore. They are making the batteries themselves with some parts that they buy from outside, they told pv magazine.

Right now, they are focusing on electric vehicles that have two wheels, like scooters and bikes. They have set up places in Bangalore where people can change their batteries when they run out of power. People can use an app on their phone to find the nearest place and book it to swap their old battery with a new one. Reliance is running these places.

The batteries can be charged with electricity from the grid or from solar panels. They can also be used with devices that can change the power to run things like fans, TVs, and fridges at home.

Reliance has also made a new system that will help people use less electricity and save money. The system can measure how much electricity is used, control how it is used, and show it on an app. It can also decide which source of power to use, like the grid, the battery, the solar panel, or a generator.

Reliance Industries is using two types of batteries for its big factory in India. One is called LFP and the other is called sodium-ion. They bought two companies that make these batteries, one from Netherlands and one from UK.

Reliance chose LFP batteries because they do not use cobalt, which is a metal that is hard to get and very expensive. It also causes a lot of problems for people and the environment where it is mined. Most of the cobalt comes from a country in Africa called Congo. Some other types of batteries use cobalt and they are called NMC and LCO.

Content Credit : PV Magzine